“The Sky in Your Hands”

Institution:  Astronomical Observatory – University of Valencia (Spain)
Primary Contact or Principal Investigator:  Amelia Ortiz-Gil
Contact Information:
Observatorio Astronómico – Universidad de Valencia
Edifici Instituts d’Investigació.
c/ Catedrático José Beltrán,2
E- 46980 Paterna (Valencia)
Project Collaborators:  Mariana Lanzara, José Carlos Guirado
Project Description:  A planetarium show for the blind, that uses a semi-sphere with the constellations engraved on it, and sounds that help locate the astronomical objects on the planetarium dome where they are being projected
Diversity Focus (Race, Gender, Disability, etc.):  Blind
Project Publications and Disseminated Materials:  Program´s soundtrack, tactile semi-spheres
Project Website:  http://bit.ly/nwczFD