Four color wheel examples of color vision deficiencies.
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2016 IAGD Forum discussion on accommodations for students with CVD:!topic/the-iagd/6NDl-zvR9MM


Information and Resources on Color Vision Deficiency (CVD)

General facts on CVD from the National Eye Institute:

Adobe Illustrator CVD previews (choose View->Proof Setup->Proof Colors):

Colorbrewer (online tool for testing of color schemes for maps, with CVD safe option):

Color Oracle (free CVD simulator software for Windows/Mac/Linux):


EnChroma (corrective glasses for red-green CVD) and related articles:

Spectrum (Chrome extension to view webpages for various CVDs):

Visolve (free for personal use software that transforms color displays for various CVDs, available for Windows/Mac/iPhone):


Scholarly Articles on CVD

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