Speakers needed for accessibility session at the 2012 Geological Society of America annual meeting

GSA 2012 Technical Session:
T61. Research and Instructional Approaches of Access and Inclusion to Increase Diversity in the Geosciences

Chris Atchison, Georgia State University
Sharon Locke, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Geoscience educators and students are encouraged to disseminate research findings and instructional experiences that promotes the enhancement of a diverse participation in the geosciences through increased access and inclusion.

Research on the diversity in the geosciences is increasing, but much more focus needs to be drawn to the issue of accessibility for persons with disabilities. Students with physical limitations are often discouraged from pursuing higher education in the geosciences due to the field-based education requirements in the traditional curriculum. Because of this, enrollment in the geosciences by students with disabilities is one of the lowest of all of the science disciplines. Subsequently, careers in the geosciences are often disregarded by the physically disabled population. However, with enhanced technology, field-based learning opportunities for people with disabilities are becoming more prevalent, as well as the potential for pursuing careers in the geosciences. This session is designed to promote awareness of the need to improve access to the geosciences for students regardless of ability.

Session abstracts due August 14, 2012.  For more information, please visit geosociety.org/meetings/2012/

All interested presenters, please contact TheIAGD@gmail.com