Call for the American Geophysical Union Honors Nominations: Due 31 March 2013

AGU recognizes a compelling need to promote diversity and increase nominations in our Honors Program. Diversity in the way we award and recognize our members demonstrates the Union’s commitment to equity. Success cannot be achieved without your help and cooperation.

AGU Fellows Program
Now is the time to make sure your colleagues receive the recognition they deserve by nominating them to be an AGU Fellow. Primary criteria for selecting AGU Fellows include:

•Major breakthrough or discovery
•Research that leads to a paradigm shift
•Sustained impact on a given field of research

To learn more about the AGU Fellows Program, visit

Union Awards, Medals, and Prize
Nominations are being accepted for several of AGU’s Union Awards, Medals, and Prize. Please take this opportunity to nominate a colleague for their outstanding work. For detailed information on the Union Awards, Medals, and Prize that are presented in 2013, please visit