Atchison presents at 2012 Ohio Educational Technology Conference

Columbus, OH – Chris Atchison, Director of the IAGD recently presented at the eTech Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC).   The following presentation abstract was published on the OETC 2012 website:

Image a world where you are socially or academically excluded because of your physical abilities.  Unfortunately, this is a reality for many students with disabilities in science classrooms today.  In fact, it has become so common that many students, despite their continued interest, avoid science all together.   An opportunity was presented to six mobility impaired students to experience the mysterious underground environment commonly inaccessible to many because of physical limitations and their personal fears of the unknown.  Dr. Atchison will discuss that collaborative efforts develop achievements far greater than any one of us can attain individually.  Personal, physical and social barriers were managed in order to descend six students, who would not accept being told they couldn’t participate, into Mammoth Cave.  Together, they accomplished something amazing, and today are involved in the development of visualization technologies that will offer innovative scientific exploration to all students, regardless of their physical abilities.

The featured presentation entitled: “Perseverance regardless of perspective and ability” can be found at:  Atchison OETC 2012