Accessible Field-Based Biology REU Program

“I learned that a wheelchair does not define who I am, and can only limit my ambitions and capabilities to the extent that I allow.” – Rebecca Tripp, Baker University REU Participant.

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A Research Opportunity for Students with Ambulatory Disabilities.

This canopy based REU project offers students of all abilities equal opportunity to explore and learn. They may discover new species, define new ecologies, explore new limits, and reach new heights.

Based at the new Boyd Center at Baker University, the project will explore the canopy of the Transition Zone between the eastern deciduous forest and the tall grass prairie biomes. By collecting in both environments we will measure the impact on species diversity, density and distribution by changes in habitat, substrate, height, chemistry and competition.

Designed for 8 students, 4 with ambulatory disability and 4 without, this research is based on the idea that wheelchair dependency is not a limit to good field biology. In the canopy we climb ropes, not trees, and in the lab we use computers, microscopes, and minds that have no boundaries.

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Hurry! Deadline to apply is March 14, 2014.