Promoting access, accommodation, and inclusion for students and geoscientists with disabilities

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  The IAGD is a 501c3, volunteer-driven, non-profit organization.   100% of all donations support inclusive and accessible programs for students and geoscientists with disabilities. For more information, please visit the IAGD Foundation page.

The IAGD Mission

The IAGD mission is to improve access to the geosciences for individuals with disabilities and promote communities of inclusive research, instruction and student support.

The IAGD Vision

  • Celebrate the diverse abilities of all geoscientists while fostering student engagement in geoscience career pathways
  • Provide faculty professional development in instructional access and inclusion
  • Unify and promote efforts of collaboration in research and instructional best practices
  • Develop a community of resources for faculty and student support
  • Advance knowledge of access and accommodation within the geosciences through scientific research

About the IAGD

The International Association for Geoscience Diversity is a 501(c)(3) organization charged with promoting inclusive instructional practices and research opportunities for underrepresented students with disabilities while raising awareness for improving access and engagement in the geoscience disciplines for students and geoscience practitioners with disabilities. The IAGD is composed of higher education faculty, staff and students, geoscience industry representatives, disabilities education researchers and anyone who is interested in promoting access and inclusion in the Earth Sciences.

The establishment of a national advisory group began in November, 2008, with consultant and advisory roles being accepted by several key stakeholders in the geosciences, disabilities education and various research organizations. Through interest from international colleagues, in November of 2010, the advisory expanded to the global community. In January of 2013, the organization formalized into an international association, with membership across the United States and in several countries. With a membership approved Constitution and Bylaws, and an elected Executive Committee, the IAGD is spearheading awareness of improving access, accommodation and inclusion for students, faculty, and geoscientists with disabilities in the geosciences.